Today I will summarize what you need to know about driving in Japan!

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Today I will summarize what you need to know about driving in Japan!

What kind of driver’s license is required to drive in Japan? A driver’s license obtained in Japan International driver’s license based on the Geneva Convention A license with a Japanese translation prepared by a country that does not issue international driver’s licenses but has the same level of driving standards as Japan and is specified by a Cabinet Order (applicable to the consulate, administration, or agency that controls road traffic laws in the country). (Driver’s license of the Swiss Confederation, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of France, Kingdom of Belgium, Principality of Monaco and Taiwan)

Period of validity Japan-issued driver’s license: the period indicated on the license

International driver’s license: one year after arrival in Japan or the expiration date of the international driver’s license, whichever is shorter.

How to obtain a Japanese driver’s license ■Application location  Prefectural police driver’s license center, etc., that has jurisdiction over your place of residence in Japan

■Precautions After receiving a driver’s license from a foreign country, the applicant must have stayed in that country for a total of at least three months (a passport or other document certifying the period of stay is required). Application must be made by the applicant.

Required documents Application form, Questionnaire Photograph for application (3.0cm x 2.4cm) A copy of the certificate of residence including the applicant’s permanent domicile (if not available, a passport) My number card or residence card A copy of a driver’s license issued by an administrative agency in a foreign country (an international driver’s license alone is not acceptable) A Japanese translation of the above license (must be made by a person specified by a Cabinet Order) Passport or other document with an entry/exit stamp that confirms that the applicant has stayed in the foreign country for a total of at least three months after obtaining the license. Fee

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