Disaster preparedness and what we can do in our daily lives

Hello, everyone!
I’m Yuhi from JapanSync’s management team!

Today, I’d like to talk about disaster preparedness and what we can do in our daily lives. Japan is a country that is relatively prone to disasters such as earthquakes. Therefore, by being prepared for disasters in advance, we can protect ourselves and our families when the time comes.

【Sharing Means of Safety Confirmation】
Immediately after a disaster, communication methods such as mobile phones may be disrupted. In such cases, there is a risk of being unable to confirm the safety of family and friends, and there is also a possibility of getting involved in secondary disasters while searching for them. Therefore, it is reassuring to inform your family and friends in advance about post-disaster communication methods and designated meeting places.

【Confirmation of Evacuation Routes and Locations】
Local governments have an obligation to designate places where people can evacuate in the event of a disaster. It is important to know in advance where the local evacuation sites are located. Also, if you have several anticipated routes to the evacuation site, you can move relatively safely. Evacuation sites are often public facilities, schools, parks, or large parking lots.
If evacuation drills are being conducted in your area, I recommend participating in them.

【Preparation of Disaster Preparedness Bag】
In some cases, you may need to stay at an evacuation site for a long time due to a disaster. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare a bag with essential items in an easily accessible location, even at the evacuation destination. It’s a good idea to pack items such as drinking water, emergency food, mobile batteries, plastic bags, sanitary products, and underwear in the bag. There are many disaster preparedness goods available for purchase, such as radios with built-in generators or solar-powered devices, so it is recommended to buy them in advance.

Each local government provides hazard maps and explains necessary information for disaster preparedness. For more details, please check the websites of each local government and let’s protect our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.


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