Hokkaido Gourmet

Hokkaido is known for its abundance of delicious food. Below are some of Hokkaido’s representative gourmet foods.


A typical Hokkaido dish, lamb is grilled on a griddle with vegetables. It can be enjoyed with flavorful Genghis Khan sauce.


Surrounded by the sea, Hokkaido is rich in fresh seafood. Kaisendon is a sumptuous dish of fresh seafood, scallops, and salmon roe served on a bed of rice.


There are many delicious ramen restaurants in Hokkaido. Sapporo ramen is especially famous, and you can enjoy rich-tasting miso ramen or light salt ramen.

4.Soup curry

Originating in Hokkaido, soup curry is a style of curry based on soup rather than curry roux, and the soup is enjoyed with the ingredients. It is a healthy dish with plenty of vegetables.

5.Soft-serve ice cream

Hokkaido is very famous for its dairy products and offers rich and flavorful soft-serve ice cream. Milk soft serve ice cream made with fresh cream is especially delicious.

These are just a few typical Hokkaido delicacies, but there are in fact a wide variety of delicious foods. Each region of Hokkaido has its own local specialties and specialties, so be sure to try some of the local food when you travel.

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